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Bunny Brunch at Longuinhos Goa

Easter time indeed calls for a grand celebration. Though a Christian festival, Easter is celebrated by everyone today. It marks the culmination of Lent and the Holy Week, a period of forty days that is observed in deep reverence and repentance by the Christian faithful. It is the day that Christians believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead after 3 days.

A lot of the Easter celebration revolves around Easter Eggs. These sweet sugary delicacies filled with chocolates and other sweets are gifted and shared with families and friends. Tradition has it that the Easter Bunny, (A rabbit with two long slender ears and short tail) would deliver or hide colourful eggs in the houses and lawns of well-behaved children. A lot of similarity with the Santa Claus hiding gifts under the Christmas tree during Christmas. The children would run around the house in the quest for these eggs. An Easter Treasure Hunt in other words. It is still unclear as to from where the traditions of Easter Eggs and Easter bunny started, but are surely an integral part of the Easter Celebrations today. 

Easter Sunday signifies new life and new hope. Eggs do represent the emergence of life and hence seems to be a good symbol of Easter. Also, many people abstain from meats and eggs during the period of Lent. So with Easter, they are no longer obligated to continue their abstinence and hence the breaking of the eggs signifies this freedom. Bunnies, on the other hand, are believed to signify fertility and hence a life-giving symbol.

So this easter come enjoy with family and friends while we host the Bunny Brunch at the Longuinhos Beach Resort, Colva. Come witness Global Cuisine, widespread buffets, Live Stations, Music by DJ Armando and DJ Wayne Villa, Fun Activities, Loads of Entertainment and Easter Goodies like never before.

Venue: Beach Lawn at Longuinhos Beach Resort, Goa

Time: 11 Am to 3 Pm